The Importance of Personal Hygiene for Senior Citizens

As you get older, daily activities can become harder for several reasons. One’s memory could be fading, or maybe their physical movements aren’t where they used to be. These changes can result in neglect of your home and yourself. For seniors to live a healthy lifestyle, there are many things that need to be prioritized like eating a balanced diet, staying active, and being on top of personal hygiene. Keep reading to discover the importance of personal hygiene for senior citizens and some tips for how you can help.

There are several issues that can come about by simply not keeping up with personal hygiene. Find out more about these issues in detail and learn why personal hygiene is so important for senior citizens ahead.

For Healthy Living

The main reason why personal hygiene is so important is that it’s a part of healthy living and many diseases and conditions can be prevented through appropriate hygiene (CDC). Not only are there various physical issues that can stem from poor personal hygiene habits, but it can also be a sign of depression. Paying attention to your loved one’s personal hygiene can give you a sense of how they are feeling.

Good For Mental Health

Personal hygiene usually requires some form of a routine, which is not only good for preventing health issues, but it’s also good for the mind. Doing things in repetition is never a bad thing and, as you get older, the more crucial it becomes to exercise your mind.

To Avoid Skin Issues

Keeping up with personal hygiene, such as by taking regular baths, can also prevent skin issues that tend to happen more often as you age. When you don’t take regular baths or showers, you can end up getting skin infections. The good news is seniors who aren’t as active don’t have to bathe every day to prevent these issues—just a few times a week will suffice. Moisturizing is also the key to avoiding common skin issues seniors can suffer from.

Keep Up With Foot Care

In addition to skin problems, seniors can also experience issues with their feet and having poor personal hygiene can make matters worse. For example, taking care of an ingrown nail or shaving a callus on your own can result in more problems. Doing simple things like moisturizing and soaking feet along with some professional elderly foot care can keep seniors on their feet without pain.

Prevent Dental Problems

Dental problems aren’t just painful—they can also be expensive. A simple tooth extraction can cost up to $250 (Humana). Brushing teeth, using mouthwash, and flossing every day is more important as you get older. If a senior has dentures, then they should also make sure they clean their dentures after eating food. Neglecting dental care can also lead to heart problems which is a major reason why dental care should be a major priority for seniors.

Stop Body Odor

When seniors neglect personal hygiene, they can also run into body odor issues. This is another reason why seniors need to bathe regularly. Body odor can also come from wearing dirty clothes. Some seniors might not even realize that they have a bad odor, but it can be something that affects others and a sign that body hygiene needs to be worked on.

Maintain A Healthy Appearance

Keeping up with personal hygiene is also vital because it is part of maintaining a healthy appearance. As mentioned earlier, seniors who tend to have poor body odor, wear unwashed clothes, and more could be suffering from depression. A healthy-looking appearance can be very beneficial to a senior’s mental health and uplift their spirits.

Detect Health Complications

Personal hygiene is also important because it can detect potential health complications. During a bath or when teeth are being cleaned, something different with the body might be spotted like an unusual bump. When seniors keep up with personal hygiene, they can catch something before it became a serious issue. Being aware of your body only becomes more important as you get older, and doing something as simple as personal hygiene can help you with that.

Having Problems Keep Up With Good Hygiene?

Many of the things we listed are easier said than done; get the help you need! Whether you are personally struggling to keep up with good hygiene or have a loved one who needs help, working with a home care agency might be a great option.

Family caregivers do a fantastic job with many of these tasks, but it’s easy to get burnt out from it. That’s when a private caregiver can help ease your load or completely replace the work that’s getting cumbersome.

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