Good nutrition is an important factor in maintaining long-lasting health. Nutrition is especially important to seniors, many of whom face daily challenges in accessing and preparing balanced, healthy meals. As a result, improper nutrition afflicts many seniors, leading to other complications. According to the Mayo Clinic, improper nutrition can contribute to several health issues in seniors. These include a weakened immune system, which can leave a senior vulnerable and susceptible to illness and infection, as well as general muscle and body weakness, which can lead to dangerous situations such as falls and bone breakage.

Senior Nutrition done better

Azurite Home Health, the compassionate and professional in-home care provider, offers several home health care services to seniors that alleviate the stress and difficulty in maintaining proper nutrition. These home health care services include grocery shopping, meal preparation, feeding and special diet maintenance. And with the Interactive Caregiving approach, caregivers and senior clients have the opportunity to establish lasting relationships through service.

Many seniors find difficulty in accessing the proper foods, whether due to inability to secure transportation to a grocery store or simply the uncertainty of knowing which foods to purchase for a balanced diet. For those who must adhere to special dietary requirements, the task of obtaining the proper foods can be especially daunting. Home health care services such as grocery shopping duties take the guesswork and transportation issues out of the equation. Seniors are encouraged to go shopping at the grocery store with their home health care provider, but they always have the option to remain at home while the task is completed for them.

Once the challenge of obtaining the proper food is conquered, seniors are faced with the task of food preparation. For those seniors who live independently in their own homes, preparing food can become time and energy consuming and often seniors neglect to eat properly because they forget to prepare their meals. Home health care providers also assist with the preparation of meals and can provide as much or as little help in meal preparation as each senior needs: Azurite Home Health works to create a customized service plan for each senior to make sure that they are getting exactly the service they need.

Finally, for those who require assistance in adherence to a special diet or those who require assistance in feeding, Azurite Home Health care providers fulfill this need, enabling seniors to receive the balanced nutrition necessary to achieve optimal health, energy and quality of life while remaining independent and comfortable in their own homes.

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
Mark Twain